How many times should I work out?

We recommend to start with 2 to 3 sessions a week. We like to say that our 10-class package will get you on your way, our 20-class package will strengthen you and our 30-class package will transform you.

What type of results should I expect?

Mixing up your exercise routine is essential if you want to see results. Each EPIX studio training class is divided between running, jogging or running intervals on a treadmill combined with floor exercises consisting of a different combination of strength and endurance movements using body weight, free weights, bars, resistance bands, TRX, plyometrics and other accessories and techniques. Each class is designed to maximize weight loss, increase strength and endurance while sculpting your body like no other type of workout. Regardless of fitness level or age, the EPIX method will give you strength, endurance, speed and flexibility – guaranteed. Studio EPIX hired the best coaches and trainers in Montreal. Our team is committed to working together to make sure we provide you with the best class possible.

How is this gym different from the others?

EPIX Studio is dedicated to providing customers with the best fitness solution. You won’t be able to find anything similar to our training program and technique in big or in popular gyms. We create our workouts so that no class is the same. The schedules are carefully planned to respond to your requests and needs. We also provide special and personal attention to clients in achieving their short-, medium and long term goals. We guarantee an improvement in your cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance in a fun and professional atmosphere. Our philosophy is to bring you the best possible physical group training in a dynamic and motivating atmosphere. All courses are taught by the best qualified coaches and kinesiologists in the industry. They will motivate you to reach higher levels of fitness and finally reach your health goals. Private training at a fraction of the price.

Are the instructors certified?

YES! All our instructors are kinesiologists and are trained on the EPIX method. We pay special attention to the recruitment of our team and we strive for excellence at all levels. Our coaches will motivate you, encourage you and make you love our high intensity workout and fast results.

Will I be able to keep up?

Epix training sessions are available for all fitness levels from athlete to beginner. They were specifically designed for everyone to train at their own pace and achieve their personal goals. We are here to guide you and make sure your program is adapted to your body and your physical abilities. There is no other training like this in Montreal!

What should I bring and how should I dress?

Be ready to sweat, we’ll provide the towels. Appropriate workout gear required. Bring your water bottle.

Do I have to be in shape to participate?

No! Epix studio is the ideal gym to work on your fitness by following a personalised training program. You will achieve your goals and exceed your limits regardless of your fitness level. Our coaches will provide you with their best recommendations.

Can I train several times a week?

Yes, EPIX studio offers a weekly program targeting different and specific muscles groups. Members can train daily and benefit from a balanced exercise regimen.

What is the EPIX training method ?

Physical training has always been a big part of my life and I have often been disappointed by the courses and types of training at different gyms. I wanted to find the best possible workout that pairs the cardiovascular work and muscular exercises for FIT and a highly functional body. There is evidence today that interval training is the most effective and recommended workout for achieving optimal physiological adaptation and obtain the desired outcomes and goals. Moreover, I wanted to combine the effect of group classes for optimal motivation and extraordinary atmosphere. The end goal is important, but your classmates share those moments with you and make it any more fun. Add amazing music and you have the best work out on the market.